Oct 24, 2012

Good Lookin' Wednesday

It's that time again! Good Lookin' Wednesday is back! This one is super important. We're gonna talk about eyeballs.

Did you know most eye drops are actually bad for you if you're using them on a regular basis? If you're using eye drops every other day it's too much. The redness reduction in eye drops is actually a blood vessel constrictor which hurts your eyes in the long run, and causes "rebound redness" after 4-6 hours. Not to mention if you wear contact lenses (like I do) most brands of eye drops (Visine, Clear Eyes, etc) will break down your contact lenses quicker and make your eyes more susceptible to infection.

Any eye drop containing an antihistamine, most common in allergy specific drops, lowers the immune system in the eye and leaves the contact lens wearer prone to infection. Who wants pink eye? Not me, thanks! Normally I try to go organic, and Similasan eye drops are great, but if you wear contacts they will gunk up your lenses quickly and ruin clarity.

So what do I use?

Blink Contacts® Lubricating Eye Drops
Blink for Soft and RGP Contact Lenses
It also comes in a regular dry-eye formula, but I've only used the contact formula. Blink works differently by improving tear film stability and break up time, which is equal to the amount of time it takes for dry spots to appear on the surface of your eye after you blink.

Sound cool? That's because it is. While all the other dudes are making your problem worse so that you have to use eye drops every four hours to feel like you don't have sandpaper under your eyelid, Blink helps to solve the underlying issue. You don't need to use the drops very often. I use them maybe once a week when I've had my contacts in too long (like yesterday, when I took a shower with my contacts in and they got suctioned onto my eyes!) but some people put a drop onto their lenses before putting them in to increase all day wearing comfort.

Hope this helps with all your uncomfortable eye needs! Do the research on your favorite brand of eye drops and see what they're actually doing to your eyeballs!


  1. Well you have me beat, I don't know that I have ever written about eyes, eyeballs, or eye drops. Maybe eye color but I'm not sure. I may have to try these cause I use drops way too much.

    1. I know, I write about the weirdest stuff. What can I say, I have this thing about eyeballs :) Blink doesn't help with redness, but it'll fix the dry, itchy feeling. If you don't wear contacts I've tried and love the Similasan brand. I use them when I wear glasses for days in a row.