Oct 27, 2010

Day 8: Favorite Internet Friend

This letter is supposed to be to my favorite Internet friend.

Dear @S,

We have had so many good conversations over the last year, and I feel as if we connect on so many levels. You and I live very different lives. You are raising a son, living in a big city, and are falling in love. I have no kids, live in a small town, and am getting past a recent breakup (recent, as in a week ago).

Still, despite all of the differences, our core values are the same. We still care about the issues gay people are facing in our country, both wish to end prejudice against bisexuals within the gay community, and both hold kids near and dear to our hearts.

I look to you when I need help, or someone to bounce things off of. I am so glad that you and I became friends, and I hope we can keep actively talking and listening to each other as time moves forward.

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