Nov 19, 2012


I did the unthinkable and spoke the words of death. You know the ones I mean, when you bring up in casual conversation, "I think I'm going to have to get a new computer soon." As soon as you say them, your computer knows you've been thinking thoughts of death and recycling and replacing with new, juicy, i7 processors and it gives up its feeble, little life because all hope is lost.

I've had this laptop for nearly six years. Not too bad, actually, and I wouldn't complain except that my CD drive has become unresponsive and it no longer registers that it has a battery, which means I'm outlet-bound. Also I've used up my whole 120 GB hard drive (yeah, you heard that right) and would like to upgrade that, but I was in no hurry! I could have held out weeks or months, or maybe even a year!

But then I uttered the words of death, and now my lovely Dana refuses to recognize my iPhone. I don't think so, babe. Music is my life, and if you can't update my playlists, you and I can't play together anymore. Thanks for all the memories, but tonight is our last night together.

Any recommendations on laptops you love? Nothing fancy, just standard - fast with a solid keyboard (I type a lot).


  1. ugh, Toshiba makes good ones, my sis has one and loves it and I almost got one but went with a Dell XPS instead. 120? What the hell? My XPS has a 500GB and than I have another 500 external drive with all my tunes and photos. Than I have another laptop with all my art stuff on. Plus .... I'm not normal.

    1. I snagged a 700 so I'm like "Woah, what do I do with all this space?" It's pretty sweet and means I can get all sorts of new music. Plus the screen is all pretty and has a nice keyboard. I'm happy with it. (I have an external hard drive too but I ALWAYS forget about it! Oops!)