Nov 21, 2012


Thanksgiving for me and you! As a special Thanksgiving thing-a-ma-bob I'm going to take off the passwords for my first:girl series- falling in love and coming out- over on starting at noon pst today until noon Thanksgiving Day. I think. If I don't chicken out. Probably best to read it sooner than later. 
Update 11/22/2012 12:00pm: Posts 2-5 are now password protected. DM, leave a comment or email me at to sign up for the password. 
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I haven't had much time to think about Thanksgiving, but I've got lots of family coming together and it should be a good time all around. We all have our assigned parts: Grandma is cooking the turkey, my sister's brood of children love making the pumpkin chiffon pie, so there will be tons of those, as well as a veggie tray, which leaves me to cook....just about everything else. My mom is no help since she's busy and not really a great cook, and my aunt is driving quite a ways to be with us all, so no help there.

Thanksgiving checklist for tomorrow:

Buy autumn themed tablecloths for outside tables.

Pick up "1st Birthday" baby cake for my nephew and cupcakes for the other kids. Wrap birthday present.

Set up at the parental house. Seating in the garage and buffet table in the house. Also, clean out the sink trap upstairs that Mom has been complaining about for weeks. Hook up TV in garage for football game.

Cook yams and hot dip first, start homemade apple cider in crock pot. Then green beans and bacon, and finish with the other side dishes.

Finish table set up, breathe.

Change into something Thanksgiving appropriate. 

Have fun with the family :)

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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