Nov 9, 2012

Ladybug Update

I finally got an update from Ladybug (backstory: cousin I grew up with as my little brother). He's got some time off for the Christmas holiday, but I'm not going to be able to see him because I'm working. There's family driving down, and I want to join them, so badly, but it's the most critical time of the year and I can't just take time off.

I keep thinking about the world ending on the 21st. I've never believed in it, never been huge on prophecies, but what if it does and my last choice was to choose work over family? Over seeing the person I'm closest to? That thought terrifies me. Plus, if the world is ending, I want that badass kid by my side because I know we'd make a great team and be survivors.

He's changed so much over the last few months, somehow even taller. He seems to have grown into his dress uniform, so he looks more like a true Marine than a kid playing dress up :) He's grown quite handsome and I know I'm going to have to beat people off of him and make sure whoever gets him deserves him. I wish I could post one of the pictures I've gotten, as he carries this James Dean vibe I can't describe to you unless you see it, but I'm not going to out him on my blog. Main point is, he's safe and I'm so happy for that.

He's having fun with friends, but being responsible, and enjoying the stuff he's working on. I'm glad I know what's going on with him, but I still miss him. Hopefully he can get some time off in the spring and I'll get to see him.

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