Dec 16, 2009


My sister had her seventh baby yesterday, which means that the past couple days I have been taking care of the other six while her and her husband were at the hospital. This has been an ongoing thing since she was pregnant with her second child, and it gives me a chance to bond with each little one while the parents are away.

This time was no exception. The youngest girl is adorable, and at only 2 years old she was the sweetest thing! (She also prefers to eat vegetables over both meat and candy, which I find fascinating!) I had a great time with all the kids, but am happy to come home and get some rest. However, this trip in particular opened my eyes to a lot of things:

1. I don't want to have loads of kids. And it's going to take a specific kind of partner to make me want to have kids at all.

2. My butt is way bigger than it looks in the mirror. My niece was videotaping and she panned past me just over my butt and I was not very happy about it.

3. Kids come up with the funniest phrases to not say bad words! As we were driving, a bunch of teenaged boys j-walked in front of us and so I said "stupid boys", but my niece blurted afterward "Stupid Apples!" which, of course, sounds like "stupid assholes".

4. New babies are adorable, but they only stay little for a few days. And then they get bigger. And eventually, you're going to have 7 teenagers and then life is not so fun.

5. Disney/Pixar movies are made for adults. It was my second time watching Up! (which still makes me cry; especially the musical montage near the beginning which astounds me with how much pictures and music can really stir up emotions in a person), and my first time seeing Wall-e which has a lot of political undertones and a lot of really beautiful things about love.

It also made me realize how much I really need to go back to school. I'm not going to be happy with any job I can get with a certificate from trade school. I need my BA. So, back to school it is.


  1. Oh wow, taking care of the other SIX? My sister is due in two weeks, and I was wondering how I'm going to keep my one 2yr old(admittedly chaotically energetic) nephew entertained since I'm taking care of him while they're away!

  2. If I knew what he liked I might be able to be more help, but just generally I've found a lot of things to be helpful. Everything from building a Gingerbread house to colorwonder books and Babysmash (which lets kids bang around on the keyboard which prompts shapes/letters/numbers/sounds/music to come up on screen). Sometimes perusing the dollar isle at Michael's Arts and Crafts sparks quite a bit of imagination.

  3. holy moly.
    seventh baby? that's a lot of love right there. kudos to you for managing six!

    what do you want to go to school for? or maybe that's in an older post that I've yet to read yet..? :)

  4. I haven't mentioned school yet, but it's in my new post! I just took four of the seven to a stage adaptation of Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tonight and they were so well behaved! If they were any other kids it might be daunting, but these particular kids are adorable!