Dec 12, 2009

Hot Vampire Girls/Forbidden Fruit

Twilight has brought up many different feelings for me. I've enjoyed the books, the premise, and the general idea of vampires. However, I would never enjoy fantasizing about a vampire girlfriend for myself, and I've tried, just to figure out if I could.

I think part of it is that I was raised in such a catholic home, that a piece of the forbidden fruit is appealing. Taboos are arousing when they are just that: a taboo. I love gay male porn, I love people who are not good for me, I love bad girls, I love women in general(which that relationship in itself is forbidden). But put two of those together (e.g. woman who is bad for me+lesbian relationship) and it's too much forbidden stuff. I do actually want a happy ending, and compiling too many odds against you is just asking for heartbreak.

So, immortal girl+wants to eat me+lesbian relationship+can't get married in my state+socially not accepted+can't go out in daylight= Not a relationship I want to be a part of.

Does anyone else have a resounding "no" in their head when they think about hot vampire girls?

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't want one as a girlfriend.....but I have nothing against dating one ;)

    Jessica & Pam (from True Blood) can take me anytime they want ;)

    Same thing with a Bad Girl. I would want a relationship with one. However I wouldn't mind dating one because it's something I've never done.

    Kara XO