Dec 23, 2012

Early Christmas

Not a huge fan of Michael Buble, but I love this cartoon. It's not the full version, but a super cute cutting.

Today feels like Christmas. Maybe it's because it's Sunday and the church bells are ringing, or because it's cold, cloudy, and bleak and that is the closest we get to a white Christmas in California. Maybe it's the lack of work and stress, the ability to stay in my pajamas all day, the lack of television and phone calls and general noise. Maybe it's the hush that seems to have fallen over my neighborhood, a gentle, quiet sort of ease, like everything's been decided and the rush is over.

Whatever it is, I like it. I like the chill nipping at my toes because I refuse to turn the heater up and the misty rain on my window, the silence from the birds - this sleepy-town feeling.

I realize - this is the first day I haven't been woken up by a phone call from work in weeks. Oh my, how nice that feels. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone - I'm sure enjoying mine :)

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