Dec 31, 2012


When I got my hair cut a few days ago I bought a new product to put in it and the kids I work with have noticed. "Your hair smells good!" "Your hair smells like apples!" "Your hair smells like cotton candy!"

"It doesn't smell like cotton candy!" I laugh.

"It could," he reminds me helpfully. I'll keep it in mind.

It's one of those days where the chill nips in through my wool coat, and instead of talking about the slut-shaming unattractively going on across the interwebs, the abhorrent feelings I have for our government's inadequacy to reach a decision and wasting time, energy, and resources while holding items hostage essential to the middle and lower classes, or the deep feelings of despair and anxiety for the rape culture we have created and perpetuate every day, even in lesbian subculture, through billboards and social media and have the world wake up to it through the eyes of India, and yet it still goes unseen - I'm just going to tell you what's been playing on repeat on my iPod for the past week.

Just look at that Drummer! (swooning a little)

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