Dec 29, 2012


I just want to take a minute and talk about Sugarbutch. Sinclair has been cultivating fantastic interviews about poly life and I am thoroughly enjoying all of them. Poly freaks me out. I've talked about this before. There's so much in me that would be interested in poly with the right people, but also I'm so afraid of not being enough (reoccurring theme much?)/losing love/getting walked out on/ I have severe insecurity issues because my girlfriends keep going straight.

Of all the interviews, this is the one I love most so far. Because this reassures me. This makes me feel like as a normal person with all my issues, I could overcome it to have a healthy, happy, lifelong relationship with more than one person. Not that I'm going to, because that's not something I really crave, so it would have to be both of us seeking out that situation. But still, the reassurance is nice, and the interviews are beautiful and full of good advice. Check them out.


  1. An interesting interview on a very interesting topic. Poly's never been my cup of tea, but it's certainly fascinating to read about and I have a few friends in poly/open relationships who really make it work. Like you said, it's important that both parties in a relationship really have an interest in adding someone else.

    The part about dishes cracked me up. We get into enough arguments over dishes with our purely platonic roommates, so I can only imagine.

    1. You should check out my Lavender Lens p. 1 & 2 because it's my very first reaction to poly when I was introduced to it years ago. The term "sacrosanct space" has stayed with me. The idea is that each person in the relationship/house has their own room and you have to ask before entering another's space, for sex or anything else. That way sex is constantly consensual and constantly wanted. The idea of having to ask every time because needs change and feelings get hurt and moods happen is so beautiful. Consent is sexy.