Dec 3, 2012


Warning: Emotions and whining ahead-

We're going to pause all the good gay posts that have been going on to talk about my personal life.

Because today was one of those days where I just wanted to cry.

I'm not a big crier. I used to be until I was 6-7, and then again when I was coming out and drunk all the time, losing my friends and family and was just a big, hot mess. (I'm not a crying drunk, either, it was just a situational life thing.) So, when I do feel like crying, once every 6 months - 2 years, it's a big deal, and it usually means my hormones are a mess too.

Today was a 17 hour shift, take out half an hour for lunch. It was the busiest, most trying, most awful day so far. I'm reminded why some movie stars (mainly wannabe movie stars) are such a pain, why family therapists get paid so much (who really wants to be an intermediary between a parent and child???) and why people only work 8 hours a day. Because when you work more than that, you begin to rip your hair out and sneak behind your desk to take deep breaths because you are oh-so-overwhelmed.

So I did, and then I came home and doodled an intricate drawing on a post-it to let my mind blank out because there was still all this stuff going on that I didn't want to think about. And I've got to do it again tomorrow. Difference being tomorrow I'm going to make sure I eat breakfast.

Wish me luck!

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