Dec 5, 2012

Learning P2

Things I've learned about myself:

My food allergy has gotten worse, not better. This is highly upsetting because it's a vegetable I love and used to eat all the time. For a while, it just created a rash on the roof of my mouth. Last night my throat started to close and I had a hard time breathing. Took a few Benadryl and it calmed down, though my throat is still really raw. Guess I'll cross that one off the list for a while.

I cannot function more than a few days averaging 3-4 hours sleep per night. I just can't. I become a grumpy girl. I'm trying to fit everything in, and it's just not happening. Yesterday I didn't work my other job, so I took my time off to pre-write some posts and chat with friends on twitter and call people I haven't talked to in forever because I know that won't happen again anytime soon.

Gloves and I do not get along. I talked about this a little on Twitter earlier. My hair is about waist length, so braids and ponys are my good friends. Gloves makes this difficult. Morning vitamins? Better take them before I put my gloves on! Tickling children? Fagettaboutit! Typing on an iphone? I'm pretty sure they make special gloves for that, but I don't live in that cold of an area.

Things I love about winter: fingerless gloves and toeless socks! Wait, I mean toe socks! Yes, that's a reindeer heel grip. Don't judge.

Next chapter, After Effects, of the first:girl saga is up!

1 comment:

  1. I have fingerless gloves LOL.
    Toeless socks LOL Was gonna say...where do they sell those LOL

    LOVE your socks!!!! Kara XOXO