Dec 14, 2012

Snow and Stars

I don't know what other people are writing about today, but I'd like to write about something happy. Some of you might know that I hail from California, where it is normally warm and sunny 95% of the time, but these last few days it has been COLD.

I've been whining and complaining about it all over twitter ( @tabbyqt ) but today it started to snow. Yeah, you heard me right. It's snowing in California. It hasn't snowed here since I was a little kid. Granted, it's not falling at my house yet, just on the tops of the hills, but still. It's not just in the mountains anymore, and that's a big deal. That means it's freezing. I'm pretty psyched.

Magically, last night was perfectly clear, and the below freezing temps made it a beautiful night to watch the Geminid meteor shower for anyone who was interested. I caught two blazing gold trails while walking to my car but couldn't bear to stand outside and look for more. People got some really great photos of the shower and there were lots of multiple trails in the sky. I love the winter sky because it's so beautiful and clean and high-def compared to the warm, hazy, summer nights.

Don't forget to look up.


  1. Snow! I want snow but we just don't get it like we used to. None at all than one day you wake up to 20 inches. There are a few sky slopes near my dad's that closed because they couldn't afford to make snow anymore.

    Oh I love a clear cold night in the mountains, you feel like you can see the end of the universe. In the city not so much ....

    1. It snowed here once, when I was a kid, but it was just a few inches. I've gone to the snow at my brother's house in Oregon and it was wonderful! I loved it. Wasn't much for skiing/snowboarding though. Maybe with more practice :)

      And yes, clear cold nights are my favorite! You can probably tell I'm a little in love with stars and astronomy. I spent a good portion of my childhood sleeping outside and the stars have always entranced me. When I lived in Seattle I was a little sad to see them go, but I bought a year pass to the planetarium to get me by.

  2. We had snow in November but nothing this month. Would love to have it in time for Christmas. It's the one times around here I really enjoy seeing the snow fall :)
    Kara XO